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“Celebrate the legendary Geordie bands' musical legacy as part of the 60's & 70's musical landscape. THE LINDISFARNE STORY 

Tyneside group Lindisfarne - Alan Hull, Rod Clements, Ray Jackson, Simon Cowe & Ray Laidlaw - exploded onto the UK music scene in 1970 with a string of unforgettable songs.


The likes of Lady Eleanor, Meet Me on the Corner, Fog on the Tyne and Run For Home quickly established the band as the standard-bearers for acoustic-based rock.


Their sparkling songwriting cut through the prevailing pop and glam sounds of the 70's - international success followed, and Lindisfarne's music continues to be heard on the radio today.



Following last year’s massive UK tour, this entertaining show with former members Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw tells The Lindisfarne Story from the very beginning: hear them perform acoustic versions of the band's classic songs, and relive moments from the band's history as they share 'behind the scenes' stories illustrated with archive video and stills.


The Lindisfarne Story isn't just for fans of Lindisfarne: if you love UK rock groups and the music of the 60's and 70's, this show is for you!


Join Billy Mitchell and Ray Laidlaw as they tell the story of Tyneside's favourite band in a special two-man acoustic show!


Hear those unforgettable songs and more, brought to life with tales, personal archive photos and video. Feel what it was like to burst through the glam and manufactured sounds to become one of the major British groups of the seventies...


"A fantastic night! A real insight into the history of the band, and the talented individuals that have forged so many fantastic songs over five decades. It really is very special... catch it before it's gone!"

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