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BOWIE - by Chris Simpson (Magna Carta)


.....I met him in '70 and we had 'Seasons' which went on to be become a successful album. Down to Arranger Tony Visconti's house in Beckenham, South London. David Bowie was sitting cross-legged on the carpet with Angie. We played all 24 minutes of 'Seasons' to him. 'That is on of the most beautiful things I have ever heard,' said he, applauding. We recorded the album and had his guitar player Mick Ronson guesting on it We saw quite a lot of him after that and he became a friend. We even played the Palladium with him, Tiny Tim and Dusty Springfield. After the show, David and I sat in the dressing room and he aired his worst fears, that namely with 'Space Oddity' he would only be a one hit wonder! Events proved him wonderfully wrong. he will be sorely missed. Chris Simpson. Magna Carta,


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