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'The Magic Show Part One': Norfolk Alt./Roots rockers Little Red Kings release new album out


New album - ‘The Magic Show Part One’

Download Stream CDRelease date: 29th May

Available for interviews. Images on request.

“Theirs is the future, so get in quick as they're gonna fly.“

It was a vision of alternative roots rock that brought the five band members of Norfolk-based Little Red Kings together and with a powerful live show they haven't looked back. Their music combines a gritty roots quality, reminiscent of British classic blues rock bands of the 70's, with strong melodies and elements of modern alternative rock. All present and correct in their new album, ‘The Magic Show Part One’.

“We recorded the album at Goat Pen Studios, a facility I put together here in Norfolk. It's where we write, experiment, practice and record”, explains LRK vocalist, Jason Wick. Goat Pen continues to be ‘home’ for Little Red Kings.

‘The Magic Show Part One’ follows huge praise for their previous album, ‘Callous’ - “British Blues Rock is alive, very well, taking some interesting side roads and kicking hard in Norfolk! Little Red Kings are a consummate, quality sometime Blues Rock sometimes Rock band with something a little extra that’s hard to quantify. There are times you could forget this is a relatively unknown British band, it occasionally feels like it could be any one of a number of top quality US Rock bands, at one point I was thinking of Red Hot Chilli Peppers... at others there is an Aerosmith vibe, yet at times they are channelling Led Zep, Free and Fleetwood Mac before they went West Coast USA. If this is the future of British Rock I’m in" (Three Songs And Out).

This time around there’s affirmation that there’s clearly something in the walls at Goat Pen; a spirit, something in the air… a ‘feel’, as Jason seems to suggest: “The album was as ever, tracked live in a traditional manner, with overdubs during the following days. Everything on ‘The Magic Show Part One’ is real; piano, Hammonds, drums and a host of valve amps and stomp boxes and even a real reel to reel tape echo machine!”.

Little Red Kings are also proving to be a very, very special ‘live’ proposition, too:

“Take 5 great musicians, give them a common cause that they believe in and if you are lucky you end up with a band approaching Little Red Kings. Those gorgeous vocals with sweet harmonies, bluesy guitar licks to die for, a tight, solid rhythm section and the fullness of keys gluing it all together. It's all there.... I just wanna hear more, and louder“. (IceCube Productions). ‘Weather The Storm’ (acoustic)

Little Red Kings know what they do so well, but they also have no fear of following intriguing avenues in their music. There’s a natural, organic diversity that so could be informed as much by Hothouse Flowers as by The Black Crowes. LRK deliver music and songs woven of a hardy fabric - embroidered however they will – but it remains ‘real’. You can rely on that. And, Ladies & Gentlemen, you can rely on ‘The Magic Show Part One’, too.

“This album sounds like it was recorded at Muscle Shoals in the seventies, imbibing the spirit of legendary rock n roll acts whilst creating a gumbo of styles. If this was the new album from the Black Crowes or even the Magpie Salute, it would be lauded as a classic. Theirs is the future, so get in quick as they're gonna fly.“ (Powerplay, 'Callous' review)

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