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Celebrate 40th anniversary of Lincolnshire gig with The Skids!

SKIDS - GRIMSBY Central Hall on FRIDAY 2nd AUGUST 2019.

ALL tickets go on sale 9am TUESDAY 18th June 2019 from Solid Entertainments, 46 Wellowgate, Grimsby DN32 0RA. Telephone bookings 01472 349222 and online

Solid Entertainments are very proud to announce that SKIDS will be returning 40 years after first playing CLEETHORPES Winter Gardens on 18th October 1979 It was the first Sold-Out concert that Solid Entertainments promoted at the WINTER GARDENS . Sadly the Winter Gardens is no longer there so SKIDS will be playing Grimsby Central Hall This is part of a whole series of 40th anniversary concerts that will be taking place this year and next year. Already confirmed...

DR FEELGOOD will be playing Grimsby Yardbirds Club on 10th July 2019, 40 years to the very day of the first ever Solid Entertainments concert which was staged at Cleethorpes Winter Gardens Please visit, click onto archive to see some of the history

SKIDS – ‘LIVE’! Richard Jobson, Bill Simpson, Mike Baillie, Bruce Watson & Jamie Watson.

‘Working For The Yankee Dollar’ ‘live’ in London: “The buzz generated by the return of the Skids to the nationwide tour circuit has created enough electricity to power a small town. An immense, stunning performance -the same as every date on this tour it seems”. (Ged Babey, Louder Than War) ‘Peaceful Times’ - new acoustic album released 28th June “Memories fade, but some linger for a reason. The Skids was the definitive part of my early life. A brilliant adventure into the world of creativity and adulthood”,reflected Richard Jobson prior to the bands’ first tour in almost 40 years.“Taking these memories and replanting them into 2017 has not been easy. How do you do it? How should it sound? Are we little more than a heritage band? These were the questions rattling around my head as I tried to find a way to celebrate the bands 40th anniversary. The answers ended up being very simple – Don’t over think it – Just do it. Enjoy every minute of it. Play the songs like it might be the last time. Give it everything. And then……. there’s the new stuff!!! The beginning of something new rather than the end of something old.”

And so it was. With a new album in 2017, ‘Burning Cities’ receiving fantastic acclaim a decade on from their previous reformation in 2007 and followed their ‘Live In London’ album, recorded with a delirious sell-out crowd at the legendary London Roundhouse. Singer Jobson said of ‘Burning Cities’: “I’m incredibly excited about this album. This music is at the heart of everything our band is about: truth, revolution, loud guitars and a refusal to keep quiet as the establishment tries to smother chances for anyone other than its own.”

The response to the Skids gigs continues to be phenomenal! The band were also very proud recipients of a Great Scot Award in 2018.

The idea for bands’ new acoustic album, ‘Peaceful Times’ grew out of what Richard Jobson called “all of this happy madness”: “Bruce and I played a few songs acoustically at a charity night in our hometown of Dunfermline. This was something I thought could never be done. These songs were written to be played with electric guitars after all. But the songs had a different power when played acoustically, a new energy. For the first time ever the words were centre stage and we found new melodies and arrangements for songs that for the people who cared might have thought would be impossible. Under Bruce's production guidance we recorded songs from all of the different phases of the band, from every album. And it was all there, evident in the songs: triumph, rage, camaraderie, and a positivity that has always been and will always be the motivation of the band’s music and words. The intimacy of the recordings re-introduce the songs with my voice at their heart with a genuine vulnerability and honesty. I’m not the greatest of singers but those qualities are something to be proud of especially in an era where they might be regarded as being pointless. I don’t think so. I hope you agree.” SOMETHING OLD… The Skids formed in 1977 in their hometown of Dunfermline, Scotland by Richard Jobson, Stuart Adamson, Bill Simpson & Tom Kellichan. After releasing an independent single the band were played byJohn Peel, supported The Clash in concert and then were signed to Virgin Records in 1978. Their first singles were ‘Sweet Surburbia’, ‘The Saints are Coming’ and ‘Into the Valley’ - the latter reaching the UK Top Ten in early 1979.

Their seminal debut album ‘Scared to Dance’; came out in 1979 and was quickly followed by two chart singles – ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Working for the Yankee Dollar’. Both singles were taken from the Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe) produced second album ‘Days in Europa’. The album also featured new member Rusty Egan of Rich Kids & Visage fame after the departure of Tom Kellichan. The band released two more albums ‘The Absolute Game’ (1980) and ‘Joy’ (1981) before splitting. Stuart Adamson went on to have worldwide success with his new band Big Country.

Skids briefly reformed in 2007 to celebrate the band's 30th Anniversary with concerts in their native Scotland at T in the Park and in their hometown of Dunfermline.

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