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'Don't Listen!' Cregan & Co: first new, original music for the 'Rod Stewart Song

“If you can’t afford my tickets go see these guys...They’re just as good and half the price !!” (Rod Stewart)

“BAND OF THE WEEKEND” Giants of Rock

Jim is available for interviews

Formed by Rod Stewart’s guitarist and collaborative songwriter, Jim Cregan, Cregan & Co. celebrate from 1977 to the present day with an evening of Rod’s hit songs.

Former Family and Cockney Rebel guitarist Jim joined Rod Stewart's band in 1977 and became his musical director, co-producer and co-writer. Cregan co-penned many hits with Stewart, including ‘Passion’, ‘Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me)’, and ‘Forever Young’. Jim is a world class guitarist and has written for many other rock and pop star, including s Joe Cocker, Art Garfunkel and Steve Harley.

Now, the band have released their first, all-original new recording - ‘Don’t Listen!’. Jim explains: “This is the first new song from Cregan & Co - an irreverent lyric that pokes fun at an array of luminaries from "A Bishop in a pointy hat to the ghost of Yasser Arafat" You get the idea. Facebook also gets a mention strangely predicting the latest scandals.“ Video here:

Drummer Harry James is renowned for his work with legendary rock band Thunder as well as drumming with Steve Harley, Jon Lord and Glenn Hughes. Other members of the band are bass player Pat Davey (Tom Robinson Band) and pianist Sam Tanner (Alexander O’Neil, Nate James & Duffy).

Sam Tanner was delighted to be asked in 2015 to play piano with The Faces, only the second pianist to ever have that honour, replacing founder member, the late Ian McLagan.Sam was recommended for the job by Jim, Kenney Jones and Robin Le Mesurier, who have all played with The Faces' Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood on various occasions. This was Pat Davey’ssecond outing at Hurtwood Park, and with Geoff Dunn (drums) formed the backbone of the house band.

“Together, they soar, that great Rod Stewart sound conjured up by the guys who created it.” Southampton Review

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