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Alison O'Donnell (Mellow Candle): 'Hark The Voice' - new album follows RTE documentary.



Released 22nd July. CD & digital. Talking Elephant TECD475

” Alison O'Donnell, Dublin-born songstress, possesses one of the most unique yet underrated voices in Irish contemporary music."

Alison is available for interviews

Following the recent RTE documentary, marking the 50th Anniversary of 'Swaddling Songs' by cult Irish Folk Acid group, Mellow Candle, their singer Alison O'Donnell releases her latest album om 30th September With a career spanning some 50 odd years, for Alison mixing in the early days with the likes of Thin Lizzy, Bob Geldof, Luke Kelly, Clannad, Dónal Lunny and Andy Irvine to name a few. The beginnings that sealed and swayed her musical directions toward her first main band Mellow Candle. They released their highly acclaimed, cult album, Swaddling Songs on Decca Records in 1972. 50 years later and with a trail of previous releases and collaborations behind her, we have Alison’s wonderful new album Hark The Voice That Sings For All – new songs in the ancient tradition.
From start to end this album will take you on a journey that reflects many common themes from the past three centuries. With tales of cheating wives, leaving home for the Americas, Animal Cruelty, Irish Rebellion and to the famine ship The Jeanie Johnston. There is something for all in these journeys of old but brought up to date with Alison’ superb rewriting of new songs in the ancient tradition.

Track Listing: Lass From A Distant Shore Farewell To The Strawberry Tree I Wish I'd Sailed On The Jeannie Johnston The Unwelcome Tide Of Tomorrow Splendid Ring Brothers Grey Shout Our Redemption To The Silvery Pines The Man Who Taught The Nation Four Fine Females Scarlet Berries For The Mistle Thrush The Birds Of Belfast Lough Learn more about Alison in this podcast from August 2022:


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