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Brick Briscoe: My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant. UK Special Release

BRICK BRISCOE: New album – ‘My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant’

UK special release – 21st January 2021 Punk rock edge, curious freeform and a trail to an unsettling safe house....

Brick Briscoe has made a life of figuring out how to do what he needs to do. Writing songs and performing are at the top of that list.

Rooted in the US Midwest, but spiritually tied to New York City, he creates songs that paint a picture of restlessness and wonder, sprinkled liberally with a well matured angst. He’s a wanderer both physically and artistically. You’ll find him just as much obsessed with the open road as trying to get you into the metaphorical bed. The songs move between punk rock edge and a curious free form adventure, with Brick’s buzzsaw and angular guitar riffs cutting a trail for his lyrics to find an unsettling safe house.

His live shows channel the things he spits out from this journey. Always intense and surprisingly sensitive, his shows go from a whisper to a howl from moment to moment. He's entertaining for sure, but there's some thinking in the dance and things can get messy

‘My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant’

With this new album (his 13th), Brick comes off of the back of two records “made under a sort of emotional duress”, as he explains: ‘IV’ was recorded while under chemotherapy (half of it recorded in my hospital room during a thirty day stint of the big medicines), and ‘From Lucky Point to Pere Lachaise’, conceived while making a film in France immediately following going into remission” . In ‘Lucky Point’, I traced my journey of healing by singing a bunch of songs about being lost… in love, in Paris, in my hometown, and in history. The two years of those projects made me feel like I was walking through a movie that couldn’t decide if it was a romance or a tragedy. So, I knew that what I was going to do next would try to take control of the narrative”. The Blue Jean Bridge

“Only a few people know that at one time I thought I’d be the next Truffaut or Cassavetes. I spent years chasing the cinema dragon in NYC and Los Angeles. I came up pretty empty and sometime around 1996 I decided rock’n’roll was easier to manifest. With that in mind, I decided to make some of the films I thought I were going to make me the “Auteur” I imagined I was. I’d rewrite them with lyrics, guitars and piano. It all started with a romance, ‘Woke Up Beside You’, and then the pulse of the title track jump started the process”. Woke Up Beside You

This was all at the start of the COVID-19 disaster. Brick was scheduled to be in Europe to work on television and music, but instead found himself with nothing but time on his hands, stuck in Petersburg, Indiana (where he was born and raised); “I buried myself in my home studio and dreamed in pictures, trying to find the colors on my guitar. The words were easy, the script was already written. And, to paraphrase filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, I spent the next weeks “sculpting in time."

Brick also produces and hosts a US public radio show called ‘The Song Show’. It is where he shows his true passion for music and mines the deep history of song by relating common themes across genres and time periods in each episode. His guests are the musicians and songwriters he comes across playing music, or in true old school fashion, picks up the phone and calls!

In addition, Brick produces television, commercials, and other film - based projects from his studio base, ‘La Cueva de la Araña’, in Petersburg.

Brick Briscoe - selected discography.

My Favourite Los Angeles Restaurant (2020)

From Lucky Point To Pete Lachaise (2019): Briscoe speaks and sings matter-of-fact truths, revealing “we all have to leave sometime” and that “fear and happiness are just a state of mind” (The Big Take-Over)

IV (2018)

Songs To Yell To (2017): “a restless continuation of Briscoe’s knack for brash post-punk songs about sexuality and identity, citing influences from The Ramones, Buzzcocks, and the 70’s era CBGB club scene.” (On The Flipside Music)

Lovers and Other Amateurs (2015)

Travel & Leisure (2014): “This soft-spoken yet hard-driven man still claims to be a fan first and foremost. Days of post-punk vinyl and the emerging indie film wave… The Beautiful South, Gang of Four, The Jam, and Stan Ridgway have left an indelible mark. Those passing by the studio will also hear Mahler, Monk and the Mekons”. (

Point To The Horizon (2013)

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