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Cosmic American Derelicts: Terry Reid features on 25th Anniversary album, 'Bergenfield Blues'

New Album celebrates 25 Years for the ‘Derelicts’

Cosmic American Derelicts - Bergenfield Blues.

Released 21st July 2023

New Jersey's very own Cosmic American Derelicts have been performing up and down the East Coast of the United States, and all over the UK, for the last 25 years, playing their own earthy mix of rock and roll and honky-tonk blues to loving audiences everywhere.

The Cosmic American Derelicts have recorded five albums, with their sixth, ‘Bergenfield Blues’ -which follows their last UK album, ‘The Twain Shall Meet’, coming out in July 2023. The album celebrates the "Derelicts" 25th Anniversary, and features former and current members as well as British singing legend Terry Reid, whose vocals are featured on five songs. The Derelicts have been backing up Terry and touring with him in the US & UK for 15 years.

“…stylistically refined and nuanced…” ( ‘Let It Rock’, Canada)

“…uplifting and sounding very melodic “ (StrutterZine, The Netherlands)

(‘The Twain Shall Meet’ review selection)

Over the years, the Cosmic American Derelicts have performed on many of the world's most famous stages both here in the US and abroad, as well as performing with quite a few musical legends, including: Graham Nash, Buddy Miles, Vassar Clements, Buddy Cage, Tony Rice, Mick Taylor, Derek Trucks, Commander Cody and Peter Rowan.

Cosmic American Derelicts at Sellersville Theater Pennsylvania 2020

Cosmic American Derelicts at the Cutting Room NYC 2020

Cutting Room NYC, 2017 Terry Reid & Graham Nash Cosmic American Derelicts

‘Bergenfield Blues’ - featured musicians

George Kapitanellis- Fender Bass/songwriter-founding member/bandleader

Ed Rainey- acoustic/electric guitars, B-bender guitar, dobro & lap steel guitar, mandolin, drums and harmony vocal.

Scott Lauro- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars,

Terry Reid- vocals and guitar

Joe Wilkinson- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars

Sotiri Karlis-drums

Galinos Kapitanelis- Drums

Rob Clores- B-3 Organ and assorted pianos

Cindy Cashdollar- Electric Dobro

Dixie Lee Rainey- Harmony vocals

The Terrettes- Lajuan Carter-Dent and Audrey Martells, backing vocals

For Bookings and Inquiries Call/Email George 201-560-2992 TCAD69@GMAIL.COM

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