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JIM McCARTY: ‘Breath of the Wind’ exclusive DL single from The Yardbirds drummer & singer-songwriter


The album, 'Walking In The Wild Land' -

Illustration: Cath Read

The release of his single was inspired by Jim’s recent book, ‘She Walks in Beauty’ written

with esteemed Rock journalist, Dave Thompson. “My last book, ‘Nobody Told Me’, was the story of the best days of my life, and a musical career that took me from a holiday camp in the English west country to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland” Jim explained. “This book, on the other hand, begins on the very worst day of my life, June 7, 2020— with the death of my wife Elisabeth. Lizzie.”

Thus, the song ‘Breath of the Wind’ inevitably picks up the theme of his book and reflects on the spiritual connection Jim still feels with Lizzie, driven by his life-long fascination in the paranormal and especially “the shadows that are just out of sight and the certainty that there is an enduring connection between the living and the dead” and reflected on at length in his book.

Not included on his recent Demon Music Group reissue of his album ‘Walking In The Wild Land’, ‘Breath of the Wind’’ was originally recorded with his friend Kennet in France (where Jim has lived for many years), as Jim explained: “It was just acoustic guitar and vocals. I sent it to Hugh Syme, the designer & musician famous for his Rush album covers) and after maybe a year he came back with the arrangement, that consists of nylon string guitar, violin, Armenian duduk, bamboo flute, synth and strings. Also a boys choir arrangement. I’ve no idea which instruments are “real”, but I love working with Hugh – who also did the arrangement for ‘Changing Times’ on ‘Walking in the Wild Land’.

‘Breath of the Wind’ perhaps shines a more intimate light than many might expect from the man responsible for helping write so many iconic songs in The Yardbirds’ catalogue, but it is a poignant love letter - honest and thoughtful as the man himself has always been.

There is real beauty to be found in ‘Breath of the Wind’

(With Thanks to Hugh Syme and Dave Thompson)


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