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New and direct: 'Brick Briscoe & The Skinny (iloveyousomuch)'. New album, out 15th October.

BRICK BRISCOE & THE SKINNY (Iloveyousomuch)’ – new album

Released Friday 15th October 2021. Available on all the usual platforms and more!

Available for pre order from 10th September -

Brick is available for interviews & online sessions. Images: on request

After a run of two somewhat internal LPs, Brick Briscoe decided that 2021 was a good time to mess things up and step outside his comfort zone.

Reactions to Brick’s last album release, ‘My Favorite Los Angeles Restaurant’ were certainly enthusiastic and insightful –

"Post-punk introspection" RnR magazine

“Thinking up movies that may never happen, American auteur delivers a soundtrack for a tragicomic era. The result is an album that harks back to the veterans’ sojourn in LA, yet goes much further and deeper, to the very core of one’s romantic and sarcastic psyche”.

Let It Rock!

"An impressive collection of tunes. Angular and direct” Vive Le Rock magazine

But. This time around, his partners in crime were to be his live band, ‘The Skinny’. Allen Clark III on drums and Cory Folz on bass combine with Briscoe to create a live trio that is always raw, emotional, and full on rocknroll.

Brick Briscoe & The Skinny planted themselves in a studio with co-producer Brett Mulzer to create an intense, direct, and hook-laden rock record that reflected their live shows. And it worked. The eponymous release captured, mostly, live in the studio, highlights the interplay and dynamic freedom the trio is known for. It was a process that almost drove Brick crazy. Being used to running to his basement and work on ideas at 3am, counting on the meticulous Mulzer to interpret his whims was maddening. “Brett and I are so similar, but on different ends of the spectrum. He’s a freak about sonics and I am about artistic and emotional intent. We were a perfect match. I can’t imagine not working like this from here on in.”

It was high time to get back into the studio with other musicians. I had a totally different LP written and was preparing to record it the way I’d done the last two… alone in my personal studio, with a stiff drink, and tears no one else sees. But we’ve been isolated from each other for so long, I knew I had to do something where I was with people. Plain and simple. We’ve all been lonely. I know I had been.”

“With The Skinny, I knew I could take some rock-based songs I had in my case and work them out in ways I never would have conceived without them. The dynamic we have is so important to me, so why not get in a room and bash it out… then go to the best studio we can find and bash it out again? That’s what we did. Cory and Allen both take note of what I’m writing about and find ways to enhance those narratives. And dammit! We rock together, plain and simple. We’ve thrown out expectations and in turn made something accessible without trying to do so. I can’t tell you how excited I am for people to hear these songs or see us play it live. It will be either freaking amazing or a glorious mess.”

“Basically, I’m asking you to give us 28 minutes, or about the time it takes to drive to work. We don’t fuck around and drag things on, we get to it, both musically and emotionally. We can make you happy and discombobulate you in the same half hour, That’s what I look for in records, and that was the goal here”.

Brick also produces and hosts a US public radio show called ‘The Song Show’. It is where he shows his true passion for music and mines the deep history of song by relating common themes across genres and time periods in each episode. His guests are the musicians and songwriters he comes across playing music, or in true old school fashion, picks up the phone and calls!

He also hosts ‘Any Road With Brick Briscoe for PBS.

In addition, Brick produces television and other audio-visual based projects from his studio base, ‘La Cueva de la Araña’, in Petersburg.


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