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Gryphon UK 'live' dates: 41 years after their last album - 'ReInvention' is “Album

Gryphon – ReInvention

“ReInvention is music from a lost age. Both preposterous and charming – good to have you back chaps”. (John Bungey, The Times)

Gryphon have released an all-new studio album of especially written, previously unheard material –all of 41 years after their 5th album, way back in 1977. Universally acclaimed by fans and critics alike, even the vinyl edition (Plane Groovy label) sold out.

No-one could ever pigeonhole the legendary and unpredictable Gryphon. They appeared on BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, all in the same week. Creative, fresh and different, they played prog rock festivals, folk clubs, cathedrals and at the National Theatre.

ReInvention returns to their early connection with Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, where they found their name. Graeme Taylor has set the White Knight’s song ‘A-Sitting on a Gate’ into an epic 11 minute extravaganza .

Brian Gulland provides 4 new compositions, displaying his wide influences from 20s English humour, through harrowingly massive church organ chordal sequences, New Age recorder, to some strident and stirring full-on electric rock riffs.

Graham Preskett also contributes 4 new compositions, in a mid-70s Gryphon style, adding some Celtic influence, and demonstrating his experience in writing filmic music. Graham is not only invaluable for his writing, but is also a multi-instrumentalist employing his talents on violin, mandolin, harmonica and keyboards with great aplomb.

Singer Dave Oberlé provides creative percussion, whilst alongside founder member, Brian Gulland on bassoon and bass crumhorn, the extraordinarily virtuosic Andy Findon shines on clarinets, saxes and flutes.

So what is Gryphon’s music? It’s just as it always was – imaginative, quirky, dazzling yet full of humour. Every album and gig utilises at least 40 instruments, so the textures are varied and unfamiliar.

Gryphon is the antidote to genres. Whatever you expect, you’ll get something different. Come along and see them prove that ReInvention has certainly been worth the wait.

“ReInvention is a beautiful thing, and marks a magnificent return for Gryphon with music which would undoubtedly delight audiences across centuries.” (Helen Robinson, Sounds)

Graeme Taylor.

March, 2019


12th: WAVENDON, The Stables


25th: SHOREHAM, Ropetackle Arts Centre

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