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/Sin'Dogs/ . 'Renascence': new EP and new line-up. Gigs on the way...

TENACITY. Publicity by Perseverance…

/Sin’Dogs/ New EP – Renascence. Released 1st August 2023

Limited CD available at upcoming shows. Available to stream on all usual platforms.

renascence /rɪˈnasns,rɪˈneɪsns/ noun FORMAL the revival of something that has been dormant’.

/Sin'Dogs/ released an EP and completed a successful debut tour of the UK in 2018, followed by the album 'Vol. 1' , released in 2018 to critical acclaim with positive reviews from Classic Rock magazine and more. The band subsequently toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe in 2018 and 2019, including prestigious Festival appearances at Sweden Rock and Cropredy. A second EP was planned at the end of 2019 and work started on 'Vol. 2'. Although more gigs/festivals lined up for 2020, there was a split in the band at the end of 2019. As it turned out, the 2020 gigs would never have happened anyway due to the pandemic.

During lockdown, remaining members of the band decided to continue as /Sin'Dogs/ with new and exciting personnel and material. It was recognised that there were difficult shoes to fill as Zal Cleminson is one of the few to actually deserve the description 'legend'. However, the band’s management are confident that fans (both old and new) will appreciate the new line-up.

The live set of /Sin'Dogs/ will continue to include a few respectful nods to both ‘Vol. 1 ‘ and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band (SAHB) back catalogue - given the /Sin'Dogs/ treatment - but the emphasis will be on dynamic and new original material. The band's reinvigoration has already garnered significant interest across the media and the 4 track EP precedes ‘Vol 2 -The Next Testament’, scheduled for an official release later in 2023 and gig dates to be announced in the latter part of the year. More details will follow on the band's relaunched social media. The band is especially happy that the gig dates will include a return to major Scottish festival Winterstorm in 2023.


Vocalist Peter Scallan has featured on eight albums with bands such Moritz, Samson , Laurence Archer (Archer-Scallan, Phil Lynott’s Grand Slam) Blind Alley (with Jools Gizzi), Chasar, Brian Rawson Band and latterly with Chris Glen (ex-SAHB, Michael Schenker) and the Outfit. Peter also sings with the recently reformed band, Glasgow.

Keyboards have always been a very important aspect of the /Sin'Dogs/ sound. David Cowan is an in-demand talented and experienced keyboards player who has been a member of Chris Glen’s band and was a founding member of the /Sin’Dogs/ with Zal and his key role in songwriting continues. David is also currently providing keys on recordings for ex-Rory Gallagher bassist Gerry McAvoy in Band Of Friends and with The Paul Rose Band . He also performs solo material with his band, The Meissner Effect.

Andy McLaughlan is a respected guitarist who provides both the guitar pyrotechnics and solid heavy riffs/rhythms central to the /Sin'Dogs/ sound. Andy has performed for the BBC and at festivals such as T in the Park. He has been fortunate enough to share the stage with Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns n Roses), Shaun Baxter (Carl Palmer) and Larry Carlton (Steely Dan, Joni Mitchell) amongst others. He currently also plays guitar in Burnt Out Wreck and The Meissner Effect with David Cowan, whilst finding the time to run a successful business as a guitar tutor.

Drummer Todd (Loud) MacLeod started playing at the age of 11, was gigging at 15 and toured in Europe at 16! He also recorded an album in Vancouver and toured North America with a celtic rock band before returning to Scotland. He has since played in a number of bands including Hardline, Solerize, Jimi Anderson Group, Brian Rawson Band, and currently also provides drums for the Swamp Born Assassins, Glasgow and JAG.

On bass, Nelson McFarlane is another original member of /Sin’dogs/. This 5 string bass player is currently involved in various musical projects and promotional activities. His back-story includes some success in the NWOBHM period, but currently also plays in the Fusion group,the Oscar Cordoba Band and Blues-Rock with the Grieg Taylor Band, as well as with The Sensational Alex Harvey Experience. His first love remains rock/metal and is determined that /Sin’Dogs/ fulfils its potential.


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